The Jalen Cum Controversy is a series of dramatic events involving Jalen and Adm. Lychy gay haha

The Final Banning Of Adm[edit | edit source]

On the 21st of June 2020, Adm was banned from Jakub's Atrium by one of the admins: Jalen. This sparked a backlash from a group of users: especially Loaf General, Lychy, and ADM himself.

Reason[edit | edit source]

The reason behind the ban was because Adm was allegedly breaking rules 5 and 8; being the rule against mass pinging and slurs. Jalen also claimed the Adm talked in the #emoji-poll channel when he wasnt supposed to. These quotes by Jalen have turned into a copypasta frequently used to poke fun at Jalen.


The full copypasta:

Mf has been asking to be banned here for a while

5 and 8

He literally said not to talk here.

Stop you mongoloid.

Banning of jon b[edit | edit source]

Another member of the community, jon b, was banned from the Atrium for breaking every rule (except rule 1, the rule that states that under 13 year olds are not allowed) However, jon b has been unbanned from the Atrium, likely because jon b and the owner Jakub know each other in real life. This was seen by many to be unfair as Adm only broke a few rules.

Racist agenda[edit | edit source]

It is believed by many that the ban may have occurred due to racism, Adm is black and the Atrium is predominantly white. If Adm said a slur, it would be justified as he has the right to say it as a ethnic minority.

Gaylen[edit | edit source]

On June 25th, 2020, VideoToaster, a friend of Lychy, coined a new nickname for Jizzing Jalen: Gaylen. This name stems from the fact that cum is gay, and Jalen is gayer.

Osu Habits[edit | edit source]

JizzingJalen is known to play popular pedophile game "Osu", thus leading to speculations of him being a pedophile, similar to fellow Atrium administrator, "Topher"

Jizzing Jalen[edit | edit source]

Jizzing Jalen is a nickname given to Jalen. It originates from Jalen's minecraft username: 'JazzyJalen'. It was originally coined by Adm at least as far back the 7th of June with Adm's first ban from the Lounge. The nickname sticks around and is still used frequently.

Annotation 2020-07-26 001014.png

Jalen Cum[edit | edit source]

Sometimes on the loaf general server, Jalen likes to cum everywhere, especially on Lychy's hobbit hole...

Jalen Cum.png

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