July 14th, 2020. A day that will live in infamy, the day Loaf General was unjustly banned from the Atrium.


Loaf General was falsely accused of raiding Jakub's Atrium on an alt account, while the alt account belonged to A Damn Man, not Loaf General.


After his false ban, Loaf General commented

"Jakub, The leader of the atrium. Burning slowly. How dare he ban me from the atrium, how dare he. Hatred, coursing through my veins. Anger, the red mist in my eyes grow ever so brighter. The deep red inferno of power twirls inside of my heart, elevated to a godlike status. I have no need for divine beings, for I am the true creator, I am the true master, I forged everything with the power of myself. Molded by me, and me alone. YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BURN, FUCKING BURN. THE BOILING, BUBBLING VOLCANO OF BLIGHT, NO ESCAPE FROM THE FINAL JUDGEMENT, THE HAMMER OF JUSTICE CRASHING DOWN ON THE WORLD, CRUSHING IT, FRAGMENTS OF EARTH DISSOLVING. CRUSHING THE WORLD WITH THE HANDS OF WHICH I MOLDED IT. HEARTS WILL STOP, I WILL STOP THEM ALL. YOU WILL ALL DIE, WATCH AS YOU BLLED OUT AND DIE, I WILL FUCKING END YOU ALL"

Reasons for Ban[edit | edit source]

Possible reasons of the ban include the following:

  1. Exposing admin "Topher" to be a pedophile, causing Jakub to ban Loaf General in an effort to cover it up.
  2. Pinging Jakub a single time, causing him to become enraged due to a small amount of Red Pixels.
  3. Jakub's envy of Loaf General, due to him outswagging him and being smarter politically.
  4. Jakub being angry due to not having a clean cock, and having to eat his dick cheese as if it was butter on bread.

This incident is quite similar to the Jalen Cum Controversy

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